Ein Leitfaden zum Verständnis von Steroiden

Anabole Steroide werden entweder von einem Arzt verschrieben oder illegal bezogen. Es gibt über 100 Arten von anabolen Steroiden, von denen nur ein Bruchteil für die medizinische Verwendung zugelassen ist. Aber wenn Sie immer noch erwägen, Steroide zu verwenden, können Sie hier Steroide kaufen.

Auch wenn Steroide chemisch keine Euphorie oder ein „High“ wie eine typische Suchtsubstanz erzeugen, besteht die Gefahr, dass diejenigen, die diese Medikamente regelmäßig missbrauchen, eine schwere Sucht entwickeln. Der Wunsch, sich weiterhin wohl zu fühlen und ein gewünschtes Aussehen zu erreichen, kann schnell überhand nehmen und eine immer größere Nutzung befeuern. Jedes Mal, wenn ein …


Hall of Fame and Steroids – Baseball’s Power Era

It wasn’t really a surprise was it? I mean, come on? It was merely the inevitable. So former slugger Mark McGwire finally came clean. His honesty, albeit years late, should be noted. However, is it of any coincidence that this confession came right on the heels of yet another Hall of Fame denial for McGwire? It is clearly in the realm of possibility that McGwire had come to accept that his admittance would never be granted as long as there was an air of suspicion over his career. So what was he really risking by coming clean? Not a whole …


The Effects of Steroids on Baseball

The steroids that were introduced into the game of baseball come in many forms and can be taken orally, injected, or rubbed onto the skin. Anabolic steroids are widely known to be able to quicken the growth of muscles which in turn increases strength and speed without any additional effort (Egendorf 12). They allow a user to increase the amount of testosterone leading to increased muscle mass (Goldman). Although they have one very useful effect, there are also many other side effects that can be very dangerous to the user. Some of the more serious effects like heart attacks and …


Why Steroids Didn’t Save Baseball

Walker seemingly but unknowingly, argues his opposition’s case when he points out other reasons that the MLB has seen a fan base resurgence since the end of the strike shortened 1994 season. Unfortunately for him, he does too good of a job in pointing out that Cal Ripken’s ironman streak could account as a possible cause for the positively sloping popularity of baseball. He goes on to list, “a spate of cozy ballparks, spiced up with interleague play and the wild card” (Walker para. 23) as yet even more of a possible cause. Despite pointing this all out, he refuses …


Baseball’s so Called Steroid Era Players Should Be Admitted to the Hall of Fame

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America did not to elect any players into the Hall Of Fame earlier this year. The list of players eligible suggests that the voters were biased against the players because they played in the so called “Steroids Era”.

The Baseball hall of Fame is the home to the greatest players in baseball history; legends such as Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Lou Gehrig are enshrined there. Some of the eligible players this year, who would have been first ballot, enshrines were denied entry to the hall.

These players played in the late 1980s to the …


Baseball, Steroids, and Childhood Lessons

I grew up with a lie. I collected cardboard fraud. Each crack of the bat, each number, faked. I loved baseball. I tuned in to listen to Marty and Joe every chance I had. Marty’s voice soothed me during long road trips in Dad’s dusty green truck, my legs charred and stuck to the vinyl seats. I memorized stats, and pretended that I hit 49 home runs as a rookie.

When I chose a theme for my room, it had red stitches. I emulated my favorite players at the plate, mimicking the stances. It was all for nothing. As with …


Baseball’s Steroid Era is Over…Hopefully

Will someone please correct if I’m wrong, but I am sick and tired of hearing about steroids in baseball. The season is upon us and all I want to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty of the game. There’s just one problem with that wish, the media. I know the over-covered A-Rod steroid story is going to be jammed down all our throats all season long. A message to ESPN and all other sports related media networks, I don’t care if Alex Rodriguez’s cousin picked him up after practice.

With that said, is the steroid era over in …


Major League Baseball’s “Steroid Era”: Will the Hypocrisy Ever End?

More than likely, the recent mistrial in the Roger Clemens perjury trial won’t put in end to the steroid era. It definitely won’t stop congress from continuing their pursuit of Clemens either. The United States Government likes to go to great lengths to try and prove their point, no matter how much money it costs their citizens or how misguided their side of the story is.

The wasting of millions of dollars of taxpayer money does get me a little worked up. You get numb to it after a while though, since it happens in this country on a daily …


Baseball Steroid Users Need Not Apply for the Hall of Fame

Don’t even bother us! Keep the rascals and cheats OUT!

The January 2011 Baseball Hall of Fame vote showed again that the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) is in no mood to admit steroid and alleged steroid users.

Mark McGwire, who over the past season confirmed using steroids and human growth hormone, saw his vote total drop from 23.7 percent in 2010 down to 19.8 percent in 2011, according to MLB Network . Some had thought McGwire’s total might actually rise because “confession is good for the soul” and people wanted him to state what he had done before …


The Steroid Controversy in Baseball

When is the last time that you can remember that you actually watched a professional baseball game, and there wasn’t a comment about steroids? Or even the last time you watched a game and said to your self, “that guy must be on steroids.” That is the problem with baseball today. Everything that happens is based off of steroids. The problem has been getting better as of late, but in the past it has been really bad. I personally can’t stand to hear anymore about steroids, but I also feel it is not that big a deal.

Everyone understands how …