Barry Bonds: The Scapegoat of the “Steroid Era”

In a country built and established around justice and fairness for all, there are still “skeleton’s in our closet”. I truly believe that Barry Bonds is being given the proverbial “short end of the stick”. In a haze of uncertainties and unproven facts it seems that he his career has been sentenced to death. Even the federal government can not prove any connection to steroids for the home run king, yet we still condemn this man for achieving such a great feat, while others that are proven dopers and addicts still get praised and commended for all that they did.

Case One: Ken Caminiti (1987 – 2001)
This man was literally killed by the drugs that he did. Jose Conseco would look like a high school pusher compared to this drug lord of baseball, yet the public opinion of him is still extremely high. You constantly hear people praising him for his work ethic and dedication. I have been to numerous Padres games, especially this year, where people wish he were still around to play for this years defunked team. The organization has held several commemorations for this man and are always expressing their pride and devotion for him and what he did. It is sad that he died for a child’s game, but it was his choice to cheat by using these drugs and performance enhancers. He should not be praised for cheating. There is no speculation in this case, only proven fact.

Case Two: Eric Show (1981 – 1991)
Another tragic victim of drugs. This is another example of how drugs can kill. Eric Show was also killed by the drugs that he put into his body to cheat. This is proven fact and not just speculation. Of course, he does not get shunned, he is another that is still seen as a hero and someone your kids should be like. The San Diego Union Tribune even has an entire site in tribute to the man. There is no bickering over asterisks or wanting to erase his statistics from the books, just love and fond memories.

Case Three: Roger Clemens (1984 – 2007)
While this one is still in court being proven, there is more evidence and fact pointing to the “Rocket” being guilty than not. Even if he did not do the drugs, his attitude towards his wife and friend should show that he is not a person that should be looked up to. Alas, he is still a hero and should be immulated by all. By this logic we should teach our children to lie, cheat, abuse women, become adulterers, and abandon and demean your close friends so that you don’t take any heat. The thing that really gets to me is that everyone still sees Roger Clemens as going to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot and should be considered the best pitcher to ever play baseball. This comes from the sports writers that slammed Jose Conseco, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds for the same thing.

I am not saying that Mr. Bonds is innocent, I simply do not know and do not think that anyone but Barry and God will ever know. If he did, he has really covered his rear end well enough to not get caught. I just think it is a travesty of justice that he is treated the way that he is. Many fans despise him, mostly because they have no clue and just jumped the band wagon, and the teams are refusing to pick him. It makes very little sense that many teams out there have no bats at all in their line up and he is just sitting in the bleachers anxiously awaiting a call. This country is supposed to believe innocent until proven guilty, but I guess that only exists if your name is not Barry Bonds.