Author: William Nicol


Barry Bonds: The Scapegoat of the “Steroid Era”

In a country built and established around justice and fairness for all, there are still “skeleton’s in our closet”. I truly believe that Barry Bonds is being given the proverbial “short end of the stick”. In a haze of uncertainties and unproven facts it seems that he his career has been sentenced to death. Even the federal government can not prove any connection to steroids for the home run king, yet we still condemn this man for achieving such a great feat, while others that are proven dopers and addicts still get praised and commended for all that they did.…


MLB Hall of Fame Alienates a Life Long Fan with Steroid Witch Hunt

When the MLB Hall of Fame decided that players from the steroid era are not welcome in the HOF, they alienated my entire generation. I could have accepted if the HOF excluded Barry Bonds for his involvement in the notorious Balco investigation; Sammy Sosa for testing positive in 2003 for use of Performance enhancing drugs (PEDS), or Mark McGwire for admitting that he used steroids. But the MLB Hall of Fame decided that every player that I grew up watching is guilty of PED use.

3000 hits is not a magic number for Craig Biggio

Excluding Pete Rose and Rafael …


Sports Illustrated Links Pro Wrestlers to Steroid/Drug Ring

Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated continued writing on its investigation of an illegal steroid distributing network. SI reporters Luis Fernando Llosa and L. Jon Wertheim spoke to the sports magazine powerhourse about the latest string of allegations. They allege several professional wrestlers while working for WWE orderered and/or received drugs from this network.

The names have come out after a seizure by federal agents in locations of the illegal network. The problem the federal government has with them is they illegal provide provide prescriptions for steroids and other drugs such as human growth hormone (an undectable drug which is favored …